Egg White “Muffins”

Yield: Makes 12 full size muffins


·2 regular cartons 100% pure liquid egg whites (or 1 large carton- I buy a 6 pack of regular cartons at Costco)

·Vegetables of your choice- Suggest spinach, multi-colored bell peppers, mushrooms, and/or onions


·Garlic and/or Onion Powder


(Easy Peasy!)

1.Grease a muffin tin with olive oil spray

2.Fill each muffin compartment with chopped vegetables

3.Sprinkle with pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder

4.Fill each compartment to the top with egg whites

5.Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes

Bonus Tips

·These can be eaten by themselves or you can put them on a whole wheat English muffin or whole wheat mini-bagel and create a breakfast sandwich

·If you want to jazz it up more, top with some Tabasco or melt cheese over top

·Store 2 muffins in each Ziploc bag. Stays fresh for 7 days in the fridge.