I like big food and I cannot lie. Yes, it's true. Like any other American, I LOVE food. Let me repeat, I LOVE FOOD. This love lead to the beginning of a morbidly obese adulthood. (See my before and after pics on my about page.) Once I started learning about how to fuel my body and that it is not a tool for my happiness, I learned how to eat for progress in my goals 90% of the time and allow myself 10% cheats.I am a big fan of plants and do my best to incorporate as many as possible. You'll see many recipes don't include animal products, eating as few as possible is a goal I personally have. Feel free to share your edits in the comments! The links below are posts I've written to help you in making better choices in regards to your daily nutrition. Click on a meal you're hungry for and get to the kitchen. I've made each of these recipes and wouldn't recommend them if my MR. didn't like them too. 

Did you know that 80% of your visible results come from your NUTRITION? I know from experience how frustrating it can be to spend a TON of time working out and get slow to no visible results because of not eating right. All of that changed for me when I started doing just two simple things...I learned what foods didn't cause me issues such as inflammation or upset stomach and I started using meal planning and prep to maximize my health AND my results! Below you'll find some of my favorite TASTY and EASY clean eating recipes linked.

*Disclaimer* While I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, I am not a registered dietitian or medical doctor. If you have certain health needs make sure to consult with your favorite medial provider first. 

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